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Share the joy and benefits of making prayer a lifestyle habit for your whole family. Encourage your children to make prayer an active part of their daily routine. When you model that same devotion for them, everyone is a winner.

Prayer Guide & Journal
A Pray_Every_Day® Workbook

  • Engages you in an exploration of the Lord's Prayer.
  • Explores how the Our Father teaches us different aspects of prayer.
  • Examines dialog with God from the perspectives of the Our Father, the Mass, and the Psalms.
  • Includes content on the rosary, lectio divina, and examination of conscience.
  • Incorporates the prayers and sequence of the rosary with stickers to track completed prayers.

    Recommended for U.S. grade level 6-12, youth ministry, RCIA, and any faith formation program that would like to explore the Catholic life of prayer.

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We encourage all Catholics and brother/sister Christians to pursue a habit of daily prayer!  This Prayer Guide and Journal is a perfect supplement to any religious education program or RCIA, youth ministry group, or as an activity for evening family prayer. Create a special space for journaling with a bible, a crucifix, candle, and/or rosary, even prayerful music, to participate more fully in the act of prayer as we truly PRACTICE our faith!

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A daily habit of prayer and dialog with Jesus strengthens our faith and support us (and our world) throughout our lives. This guide/journal can be used by anyone who is exploring a deeper and interactive relationship with Jesus, either independently, through faith formation, or in youth ministry. This journal can be used independently or in a classroom or small group setting with the intention of independent practice of the concepts. The hope is that this workbook would guide young and old into an interactive relationship with Jesus, and give them added depth in their Catholic faith as they strive to live their faith.

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