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Mon-Fri: Liturgy of the Hours 8:00 am ... Rosary ~ 8:15 am Eastern

Streaming paused
until further notice
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Liturgy of the Hours (English only)
Follow the prayers, click an image below
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  • Invitatory - Sung in responsorial style
  • Psalms - Alternating Recitation*
  • Benedictus - Sung in unison
  • Petitions - Alternating Recitation*
  • Our Father - Sung
    *Alternating Recitation with Zoom participants!

Additional Prayers

  • Opening Prayer/Oración inicial, O sacrum convivium (English / Español)
  • Our Father/Padre Nuestro (English, Orig Composition ©Bernadette Harmon, Español)

The Holy Rosary (directly after the morning prayer)
Starting between 8:15-8:20 am (Eastern)
Follow the prayers at (click image to the right):

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Additional Prayers

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Morning Prayer and Rosary are streamed and recorded as a single video. LIVE recordings remain available, unedited. You may experience silent audio segments, extra background noises, and/or commentary or conversation.
Closed captioning is an automatic service provided by the social platform. The text will not be entirely accurate.