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Our interactive approach to prayer introduces...

The ARMI® prayer model, exploring four core attitudes of prayer, along with...

The prayers of the rosary, involving...

Stickers for tracking prayers, resulting in...

Creative designs and pictures that...

Tell a story, spark the imagination, and

Engage our children on the path to independent prayer.


The Pray_Every_Day® program offers interactive activities for children from elementary school through highschool, and on into the adult years! The materials introduce the ARMI® prayer model for conversation wtih God. Activities begin with the learning and tracking the prayers of the Holy Rosary using stickers with special Rosary patterns.

(Grades K to 2)
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The children begin a habit of prayer by receiving stickers for prayers they offer and applying them to a pattern to show progress, allowing them to make wonderful and creative designs while praying the Holy Rosary. Using the stickers and Rosary designs, the children participate more fully in the act of prayer, using the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit.
(Grades 2 to 5)
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Through the workbook series, the children begin to explore aspects of prayer modeled by the Our Father, using the ARMI model: Adoration, Repentance, Meditation, Intercession. We encourage them to become prayer warriors and to dialog with God in prayer to establish a lasting relationship with God, always holding firm to the foundation of the Rosary.
(Grades 6 to 12, Confirmation & RCIA)
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As teens, the youth grow in their expression of dialog with God as they advance to a more independent, journal-based prayer activity. They continue to deepen their foundational relationship with God as they grow into fully-fledged prayer warriors!
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The regular habit of prayer allows our young adults to continue to grow in their faith, gives them confidence to live their faith and an interior desire to deepen their knowledge of God, and results in an excitement for their journey, both living and sharing it with others, and seeking out ever new avenues to deepen their faith and relationship with God.