Jennifer Lynne Harmon

Jennifer Harmon, daughter of Bernadette, the founder of Lamps-A-Glow, Inc. was the test subject during the early development of the Pray_Every_Day® sticker-based activities and workbooks. Jennifer and her mom started with blank sheets of paper on the wall. Every prayer was rewarded with a sticker and soon patterns began to emerge. Prayer time was a creative endeavor with hymns, instruments, devotions, long lists of prayer requests to think of others first, stories of the saints and other religious reading such as C.S. Lewis and Anne, the Lay Apostle. The time we spent together as we closed our day was a precious gift for both of us. We found that a decade of the Rosary fit perfectly in with the rest of the prayers as a nice closing prayer. And as the days went on, we completed Rosary after Rosary!

When Jennifer was preparing for Confirmation, she was somewhat embarrased that her mother was asked to lead the pre-religious education prayer time. Her mother used this time to expose the youth to different styles of prayer and the different aspects of prayer as modeled in the Our Father. These sessions became the basis for several retreat and workshop topics now available through Lamps-A-Glow, Inc. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice prayer with my daughter, an opportunity I did not have with her older brothers. Praying with Jennifer opened me up to understanding the needs of youth as they navigate their childhood and teen years. 

Thank you, Jenny!

Pray well!