My parents were faith-filled and gave me a solid foundation!

Me6But I lost my way anyway in the journey to adulthood.

Then I had a sort of "come to Jesus" moment...

As I resumed dailyprayer, my entire outlook changed!

The effects were so profound that I want to help others unlock this gift of prayer!

Bernadette Harmon, Founder, Lamps-A-Glow, Inc. 501(c)3


If you are actively trying to live your Christian faith, you probably talk to God regularly. You may engage in personal prayer, mass, prayer groups, devotionals, or one of many other means of prayer. As your relationship with God grows, inevitably the question comes up, "How can I best serve you, God?." Often the answer is simple, "Live out your vocation in love and truth." If you are single live live the truth of a single life going about your business with integrity and dedication, making sure to balance responsibilities with rest and recreation and making time to converse with and listen to God. If you are married, be the best husband/father, wife/mother you can be, always serving your family in purity and with love even when difficult discussions and circumstances arise. If you're a religious - code word for priest, nun, monk, etc - live out that vocation as it was intended and according to your responsibilities with fervor, love, and mercy. And so it follows for every person, no matter their current station in life. However, some are called to alter their course of life for God. Prayer and spiritual direction can be helpful in discerning a ministry that God may ask of you.

So it has been for me. After having spent many years on the periphery of my faith and relationship with God, I wanted to do something more. As a wife and mother, I know that I need to do nothing more than to make time for God, serve my husband and family with love and patience according to my responsibilities which have included a full-time job, a household, and supporting our three children (now adults) as they continue to navigate the challenges of life. That said, God has given me small ways to serve him through church service, teaching religious education, attending bible studies and prayer meetings, and facilitating some specific prayer ministries, not all at once of course. These additional activities provide me with the Christian fellowship and spiritual growth I need in my life. Though I must remember that my first vocation and responsibility is to my family, these avenues of service to God have paved the way for this ministry, Lamps-A-Glow.

God has impressed upon me the need to promote prayer in our world and to pray for our world without ceasing. Through various ministries, God has helped me to establish this internet-based method of reaching out to the world from my home. The outreach includes offering prayer activities for children that came out of our evening prayers as a family, encouraging teens to pursue a personal relationship with God through a seminar on prayer which grew out of experiences teaching religious education, and providing a place for a virtual community whose end is to support one another in a life of faith and through prayer to bring the world back into right relationship with God.

The oil lamp logo and Lamps-A-Glow name signify the need to keep the lamp burning and remain vigilant in faith and prayer in anticipation of the coming of Our Lord. The tagline, keeping vigil for the world, emphasizes the mission of returning all people to right relationship with God.

Please join me in this ministry and pray for me that I may always follow the will of Our Lord, especially in keeping a properly ordered life according to my vocation.

Thank you so much and may God bless and protect you. May Our Lady, draw you ever closer to her Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.