Life is good when...

We appreciate one another!

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Life is good when...

We pray every day!

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Life is good when...

We teach others to pray!

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Life is good when...

We pray together!

(Lamps-A-Glow is currently not LIVE-streaming daily prayer.)


Our Pray_Every_Day® program offers a teaching tool for religious education, home-schooling, and families. Our resources explore various aspects of prayer using interactive tools. The program begins with the prayers of the rosary with interactive sticker fun and transitions as the children grow into engaging activity workbooks that lead our youth toward independent prayer.

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Lamps-A-Glow strives to encourage prayer in children of all ages from the young to the aged...

  • for the strength to love, forgive, and grow,
  • to foster hope for humanity and in eternity, and
  • as continuous renewal and replenishment as we walk our life of faith together.
Message from Our Lady From Stickers to Rosary How to Pray the Rosary
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Patterns and Stories Sample Prayer Page Sample Activity Page
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