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Life is good when...

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Life is good when...

We pray together!

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Our Pray_Every_Day® program offers a teaching tool for religious education, home-schooling, and families. Our resources explore various aspects of prayer using interactive tools. The program begins with the prayers of the rosary with interactive sticker fun and transitions as the children grow into engaging activity workbooks that lead our youth toward independent prayer.

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Lamps-A-Glow strives to encourage prayer in children of all ages from the young to the aged...

  • for the strength to love, forgive, and grow,
  • to foster hope for humanity and in eternity, and
  • as continuous renewal and replenishment as we walk our life of faith together.

These Pray_Every_Day® leader guides provide instructional context for the classroom activities, workbook series, and adventures in journaling. Prayer, the fourth pillar of our Catholic faith is vital to the journey of every young Catholic for their understanding of their faith. Living the goal of Christian prayer is crucial for the development of our Catholic youth in thwarting the relentless attacks of our culture against all things of faith. Beginning with the prayers of the Rosary in this wonderfully fresh and interactive activity we get them started on a journey towards independent prayer and a lasting relationship with God as they join the ARMI® of prayer warriors that is our Church.

This Pray_Every_Day® program is a perfect supplement to any religious education program or other faith formation ministry!

Leader Resource I
Levels 1-3
Leader Guide 5
Level 5
Leader Resource II
Levels 4-6
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In Development
Download Draft
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This guide describes a fresh approach to learning and praying the Rosary.
  • Genesis of the program
  • Describes custom stickers & patterns
  • Explains the value of seeing prayers accumulate
  • Begins: Invite God - I in the ARMI® prayer model
  • Offers variations and suggestions

Since the program builds on a foundation, this guide is relevent to all workbook levels and activity kits.

This guide combines prayers of the Rosary with the exploration of self-directed prayer according to the ARMI® prayer model.
  • Describes the prayer boxes.
    • Acknowledge God (L5)
    • Return to God (L4)
    • Move towards God (L5)
    • Invite God (L3)
    • Giving Thanks (L4)
  • Provides approaches on guiding children to prayer.

This guide can be applied to Level 4, which presents a subset of Level 5 content.

This guide describes the ARMI® model of prayer in the context of journaling and independent prayer.
  • Affirms the youth in their ability to connect with God
  • Provides guidance on preparing for prayer
  • Encourages positive conclusion to prayer
  • Explore expressions of prayer: Mass, Psalms, Music
  • Offers content on reading scripture, self-examination, and christian living

Since the entire program moves toward the complete ARMI® prayer model, it might be helpful to review this resource regardless of the workbook level being applied.

A Look Inside Leader Guide I

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