My Rosary Journal


Make Prayer fun for kids.  Share the joy and benefits of making prayer a lifestyle habit for your whole family.  It wasn't long ago that prayer was a part of everyday life; we would pray before meals, baseball games, meetings, at the begining of school...  Make prayer an active part of the lives of your children.

This prayer workbook, blessed by Pope Francis in August 2017, is an interactive journal for children of all ages.  The workbook includes the prayers of the Holy Rosary, instructions, and Rosary designs.  The workbook includes stickers to show progress, allowing children to make wonderful and creative designs while praying the Holy Rosary.  Using the stickers and Rosary designs, the child participates more fully in the act of prayer.

My daughter and I began praying together using a sheet of paper tacked to the wall on which she placed one sticker for each prayer.  She enjoyed seeing her prayers grow into fun and creative designs.  Sometimes we even invented tunes to sing the prayers.  Our interactive approach to prayer evolved into this workbook.  We are happy to share it with you, to offer a creative learning aid for classrooms, and to help you draw your families together through this beautiful expression of our faith!  My daughter and I prayed with stickers well into her teen years!

Pray with your children daily and remember to bless them every time they leave the house and every night before they go to sleep and pray for them throughout the day.

Encourage our youth to build a habit of daily prayer!  This Rosary Journal workbook is a perfect supplement to any religious education program, as a gift for our youth, or as an activity for evening family prayer.

Read the endorsement by Janis Clarke, a prayer of blessing by Fr. Francis Martin, S.S.D. and follow the status of USCCB approval.

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My Rosary Journal
A Learn the Rosary Workbook
25.00 USD
This colorful workbook for children ages seven (7) to eleven (11) introduces the four sets of mysteries: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious with reflections and pictures for coloring and unique patterns to track the prayers of each set of mysteries. The workbook includes two full sheets of custom-designed stickers for the prayers of the four mysteries.
Teacher's Guide
20.00 USD
(Optional) Describes the materials, provides insights on the prayers, patterns, and images, and includes the prayers of the Holy Rosary.
Journal Activity Kit
7800 USD
This kit includes the four patterns for the four sets of mysteries: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious, from the workbook and two full sheets of custom-designed stickers for the prayers of the four mysteries.
Single Workbook
3.00 USD
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