Watch this video preview of these interactive Rosary Activities for children!
  Please support this ministry of encouraging prayer in our young Catholics!

The Rosary materials available here offer interactive activities for children primarily in elementary school. The materials include the prayers of the Holy Rosary, instructions, Rosary patterns, and stickers. The children apply the stickers to a pattern to show progress, allowing them to make wonderful and creative designs while praying the Holy Rosary. Using the stickers and Rosary designs, the child participates more fully in the act of prayer, using the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit.

My Rosary Journal


Make Prayer fun for kids.  Share the joy and benefits of making prayer a lifestyle habit for your whole family.  It wasn't long ago that prayer was a part of everyday life; we would pray before meals, baseball games, meetings, at the begining of school...  Make prayer an active part of the lives of your children.

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