Why I started Lamps-A-Glow

If you are actively trying to live your Christian faith, you probably talk to God regularly. You may engage in personal prayer, mass, prayer groups, devotionals, or one of many other means of prayer. As your relationship with God grows, inevitably the question comes up, "How can I best serve you, God?." Often the answer is simple, "Live out your vocation in love and truth." If you're a religious - code word for priest, nun, monk, etc - live out that vocation as it was intended and according to your responsibilities with fervor, love, and mercy. If you are married, be the best husband/father, wife/mother you can be, always serving your family in purity and with love even when difficult discussions and circumstances arise. And so it follows for every person, no matter their current station in life. However, some are called to alter their course of life for God. Prayer and spiritual direction help ascertain a ministry that God may desire.

Lamps-A-Glow Community

This world is an incredible place. Each individual person, uniquely created, has the potential for greatness. Yet often we find ourselves pursuing misguided ideals and goals, sometimes through no fault of our own. This misdirection of our true purpose in this life takes a great toll on our success as a society and directs us away from our path towards eternity with God. We will always struggle wlth crime, drug use, depression, poverty and more. Individually, we struggle to varying degrees with the pursuit of a misconstrued "happiness" often at the expense of others.